About us who work on the board


Linda Almqvist



I am a practical academic, working with social work, organizational issues and leadership. In the winters I live in Kerala, southern India where I have a café and restaurant. The rest of the year I live in Roslagen.


People should have the same opportunity regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation and identity. KWETU is a small organization that can make a big difference and we do this in close collaboration with organizations on site.

Lars-Erik Olsson

VICE chairman


Works with work environment and gender equality issues at an authority and previously with treatment and reintegration of young men who have ended up wrong.


I feel like I like to spend a few hours a week that can lead to big changes in someone else’s life. KWETU is a long-term partner that works deeply and builds a solid foundation.

Göran Jonsson

Board member


Social scientist and cognitive therapist with long experience of social work, project management and change work at a large authority. Prospective SFI teachers. My driving force both privately and in working life is change and development, both in the small but also the big.


The association’s goal is strengthened autonomy and capacity, which appeals to me. KWETU is a partner of local grassroots organizations and assists with support and advice, but learning and exchange is always two-way.

Sarah Åhlén

Board member


As a manager and leader, I have usually worked with change and participation with a clear client and employee focus.


Going beyond oneself is satisfying and KWETU matches the areas I have an interest in.

Anders Olsson Karlbom

Board member, treasurer

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