Konsortium KWETU Kampala – HBTQI

Project summary


KWETU Kampala Consortium is a one-year project funded by ForumCiv.
KWETU Connectors, together with six grassroots organizations, has formed a consortium. The organizations are LGBTQI organizations in Kampala, Uganda and are a partnership project. Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between the organizations regarding focus and governance.

The project began with planning meetings where leaders and members from the six member organizations participated to map gaps in the organizations’ current activities and where the consortium could fulfill an important function. The leaders of the six organizations formed a board and the organization Happy Family Youth Uganda was given the chairmanship and is also the recipient of and responsible for the financial resources.

In a series of subsequent workshops with the members of the organizations, specific activities are carried out to together become more effective in the advocacy work within society. In parallel, groups of recipients will be trained in the management of organizations, marketing and vocational training and to start self-help groups and then cooperative activities.



Country / City:
The project is conducted in Kampala, which is the capital of Uganda

Target group:
The target group for the project is LGBTQI grassroots organizations and their members

Happy Family Youth Uganda (financial responsibility)


The Kampala Consortium aims to:

The goal of this project, Konsortium KWETU Kampala, is in a first phase to improve the living conditions of about 100 LGBTQI people by fighting the poverty and discrimination that prevails there.

Capacity development of individual LGBTQI organizations into a common consortium
Platform and voice of influence in society
Begin the transformation of self-help groups into working cooperatives
Begin vocational training and education
Develop joint communication
Develop a future model for collaboration and development



20190416_125201 (2)

Each organization is responsible for different activities. The consortium has jointly decided which activities are to be carried out and the organization that has the most competence in an area carries out the activity. Participants are trained in leading and marketing activities. To be effective in counseling and to defend human rights. Improve the use of IT and social media. Savings banks. Security. Each organization conducts training



The activities carried out have been much appreciated by the recipients. They have gained new knowledge and are starting to start businesses that together make them less financially vulnerable. Among other things in baking.

Status of the project


Prel, studies

Project start


Final report

The project is a one-year project and started in September 2020 (according to plan, the start would take place in the spring of 2020, but due to Covid it had to be postponed).

The project has been completed and finally reported. The report will be published shortly

Project manager and partner

Project manager är Lars-Erik Olsson

Projekt advisor Eva Solly

Project manager in Uganda is Iga Isma (Executive Director Happy Family Youth Uganda)

Happy Family Youth Uganda (financial responsibility)

Kampus Liberty Uganda

Kuchu Shiners Uganda

Lets Walk Uganda

Golden Center For Womens Rights Uganda

Vinnacef Uganda

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