Cross border

Crossborder – Uganda och Rwanda

Crossborder is a three-year collaborative project funded by ForumCiv. ForumCiv forwards contributions from SIDA.

The vision is freedom from HIV infections, zero discrimination against Key Populations and a healthy and inclusive society

The project will work to strengthen Key Population (KP), in our case sex workers and LGBTQI people, who are vulnerable groups, and their opportunities to access equal, non-discriminatory HIV and AIDS care, strengthen vulnerable groups’ social and economic capacity.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to take place through cooperative entrepreneurship, increased awareness in society among those responsible in politics and within authorities about the structural barriers that exist and which lead to discrimination of KPs and to develop organizations’ capacity and cooperation among all four organizations .



Country / City:
The project is conducted in 6 border districts between Rwanda and Uganda, three districts in each country.

Target group:
"Key Populations", those who are most at risk of contracting HIV and passing on the virus. In our project, it is men and women who are sex workers, LGBTQI people, men who have sex with men (MSM)

Pharmacists without Borders FuG, Sweden
ANSP +, Rwanda
OCE, Uganda


Improved sexual and reproductive health and rights for KP in 6 districts in the border regions of Uganda and Rwanda.

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Strengthen work locally with KP groups, improve care at health centers and increase the knowledge of local responsible parties (municipal organizations, politically elected)



Right now we are implementing the so-called baseline studies to measure improvements.

Status för projektet


Prel, studies

Project start


Final report

The project has been conducted for just over six months out of a total of 3 years

Read report 1 about the project (The report is in Swedish)

Birgit Eiermann is the Swedish project manager for the crossborder project, which is run by FuG in collaboration with the Swedish organization Kwetu in Uganda and Rwanda.

In this article, Birgit talks about her work as a project manager for the project.

Read Sofia Hogander's article about the Cross Border project and the results after the baseline survey

Watch the documentary film about the project ANSP+/KC/FUG/Kwetu:

Project manager and partner

Main project manager Birgit Eiermann FuG

Sub-project manager Lars-Erik Olsson KWETU Connectors

Project Advisor: Eva Solly KWETU Connectors


Farmaceuter utan Gränser, FuG, Sverige

ANSP+, Rwanda

OCE, Uganda

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